Lavender and Ice

What a feeling to walk next to the lavender fields at dusk! The scent of the air is so incredible, the colours so warm. Being in the lavender fields in the Provence is an experience, not only for the beauty of the never-ending purple carpets that cover the undulating fields, but also because it gives … Continue reading Lavender and Ice

Road of friends

The spring weather continues to be extremely moody, so we arrive to the Como lake with a mix of sun and showers and clouds alternating at aleatory and intermittent intervals. The lake and surroundings are quite nice though, so we try to ignore the weather and hike around part of the lake and visit the … Continue reading Road of friends

Pilgrims of thought

We arrive to Santiago de Compostela, pilgrimage destination of hundreds of people that arrive here every day, after walking hundreds of kilometres on their warn out boots, following the steps of Saint James. Somehow for us is easier, since we arrive here on board of the comfort of Polaris, without undergoing the miles of physical … Continue reading Pilgrims of thought