A year has passed

Time flies! Yesterday it was the first year anniversary of our return to The Netherlands, back to our apartment, back to the, so called, normal life. Soon after our return we found new jobs and before realising it, we went back to our old routines. 

Back in Amsterdam

In the meantime, Christian also had time to start a mini calendar business that had a spike of success just before Christmas, and  I managed to finish a book, which is now looking for publisher.

Then, a day like any other, we got news that Polaris, our beloved camper van, the loyal accomplice of our adventures, had been stolen. We could hardly believe it, but it turned out to be true.

For being our year of going back to normal, it´s been rather strange. Because of the Corona pandemic, our horizons have dramatically narrowed for the best part of the year, since we, like almost everybody else, have spend a handful of months in confinement, looking through the window, wanting to fly.

Hardly a day has passed that we have not missed our nomadic life style. Polaris, our little home on wheels.

Fortunately there has been time for self reflection. Fortunately we built a ton of memories that have lighten a ton of days. Fortunately our ability to dream and to make plans are intact and we hope to realise our plans in the near future…

In the meantime we have decided to retake our blog, as a way to virtually get back to places in the world that have left an imprint in our hearts. So stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “A year has passed

    • Hallo Christian, was soll ich sagen, haben Polaris für den Winter bei einem Betrieb für Wohnmobil Überwinterung eingestellt und dort ist er und ein anderer Camper gestohlen worden 😦 Hatten zum Glück eine gute Versicherung und daher war der Schaden überschaubar. Wir vermissen Polaris aber schon sehr….


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