Lavender and Ice

What a feeling to walk next to the lavender fields at dusk! The scent of the air is so incredible, the colours so warm.

Being in the lavender fields in the Provence is an experience, not only for the beauty of the never-ending purple carpets that cover the undulating fields, but also because it gives you the chance to observe the crowds of tourists that occupy the place. From girls with straw hats and airy white dresses posing for stereotypical photos, to Italian guys saluting the sun with their arses, everything is possible in these glorious fields around Valensole.

Still, when one manages to point the camera to some rare corners that happen to be tourist free, the result is pure wonder.

Equally special are the small fields around the Notre Dame de Senaque Abbey, with its beautiful purple rows lining against the mild stones that have been softened by time.

I guess it´s while we contemplate this purple magic and this scented spell that it hits us that the trip is reaching to an end. It´s been more than fourteen months on the road, with so many experiences and special places. We need to end the trip on a high, so we take a look at the map… But of course…

The Mont Blanc! The highest point in Europe is not even so far away from us. So off we go.

Post 49-34

We are not equipped or trained to climb it, so we are happy to take the cable car up to the Aiguille du Midi, a mighty peak of 3842 meters of altitude above the sea level, that has magnificent views of the Mont Blanc and the surrounding peaks and valleys.

The are lots of people hiking across the glacier and climbing the peaks around us. The mightiness of the landscape, shows them as little colourful ants moving slowly on the big white.

We descend back down to Polaris, that is parked in Chamonix. A stroll through the streets in the center, reveals a charming town surrounded by Alpine greatness and occupied by lots of shops and restaurants. One of the restaurants advertises raclettes prepared with wood fire. Uhmmm! It´s delicious.