The countdown

Three, two, one, go! In three days we’ll board our camper van and head up North. After months of preparations our spirits are high, even if there are some butterflies in our stomach. A rough draft of our itinerary is ready.

We have named our Camper van Polaris, like the North Star that used to guide the ancient travellers through unknown seas and lands. Polaris will not only be our four wheeled companion reaching the geographical north, but also our spiritual and personal aims, whatever those might be.


The day we first met “Polaris

22 thoughts on “The countdown

  1. It’s very exciting, you will get richer from all the experiences you will have. Enjoy a lot and looking forward to learn more about your journey💕

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  2. Yay! I knew you’d finally get around to getting the blog up and running! Looking forward to following all your adventures! Go Polaris! 🚐

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  3. Amazing journey ahead of you. I admire that you’re doing what others dream about. Enjoy and I look forward to learning about your adventures through your blog.

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  4. Yay! so nice to see you decided to jump into that pool. Nos toman la posta!! You won’t regret it… some of our best moments during this past year were our days -and nights- in a campervan. Not everything will be a bed of roses, there will be ups and downs and you will eventually miss home, but the balance will always be ultra-positive. Just take it easy and don’t over-plan. Don’t try to just cover more and more ground, for the sake of it.You WILL change your plans and will adjust dates and destinations on the go. And that’s part of the fun! Will be following you guys all the way. Good luck and enjoy every moment… it will all happen faster than you expect…one year is not that long after all! Alas y buen viento, muchachos!


    • Hola guapo!!!!!! Que bien oír de ti y gracias por todos tus consejos. Ahora que se acerca el día, la verdad es que da un pelin de miedo, aunque estamos deseando ponernos en camino. Si necesitamos consejo cuando estemos por esos mundos y esas carreteras o si necesitamos un lift en nuestro animo, ya te escribiremos, a ver si nos puedes ayudar con tu experiencia. Y a ti que estas a punto de volver, suerte con los next steps y que encuentres un trabajo interesantísimo, si eso es lo que te apetece. Continuamos en contacto y se hace una cena para compartir experiencias (y un vinito) cuando estemos estemos todos de vuelta en Amsterdam.
      Cuidarse mucho

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  5. Hi Isabel…Sounds like a dream…so envious! Keep the posts coming so some of us can live vicariously through your adventure.

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