From Malmo to Gothenburg

About one week into our journey, we are starting to have questions about our speed. Are we too fast, are we too slow? Time is relative and so is speed, since it’s just a reflection of movement in space, across time. What is this trip all about? Is it about filling our time with places? Will these places awake new feelings and bring new sensations and ideas? 

These uneasy thoughts get vaporised as soon as we get to Malmo. It’s a magnificent warm and sunny spring day and the park of the castle is bursting with life. Everybody seems to be outside enjoying every second of sunshine. Ice cream licking left and right. Big glasses of beer and other refreshing beverages. 

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Slowly strolling into the city is like walking through layers of time, represented by different architectonic styles. From contemporary steal and glass to half timbered houses from the 16th century or so and everything in between. It’s a bit disconcerting mix of styles in this city that gives the impression of living its teenage years, despite the fact of having more than 7 centuries of solid history. 

The Turning Torso is the great eye catcher from the new developments of the city on the waterfront and there we wait for the sunset. At the end of the day, we have the impression of having been in 2 or 3 different cities. Strange.

With an in between stop in the Kullaberg Nature Reserve to take a glance at the sunset, we arrive in Gothenburg.

We love Gothenburg since the first instant. It is grown up and vibrant with quite grandiose architecture, great cafes and shops, a peaceful and lively park along the shores of the river Gota and a couple of neighbourhoods carpeted with cobbled stones and planted with interesting cafes and locals visited by creative types.

Our budget got momentarily out of control, when we decided to have lunch in the fish market, that looks like a church. We did have a delicious fish soup, some very good pickled haring and an amazing fried mackerel (everybody is crazy for it because it’s the first one of the season) with wilted spinach and the secret sauce from the cook’s grandmother. Uhmmmm!

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