Christian starts cooking outside along the Swedish West Coast

The weather is so gorgeous we can hardly believe that we are in Sweden. We feel fortunante, and hot. Days of pristine blue skies and temperatures up to 26C or so, have very pleasantly taken us by surprise. Christian has taken the portable kitchen and cooks dinner outside almost on a daily basis.

We are in the Bohuslan coast, which seems to be the setting of some romantic novel, rather than a real thing. As we zigzag along the coast on board of our trusted Campervan Polaris, we keep on unwrapping a collection of little towns, planted with cute wooden houses on the shore of crystalline blue waters dotted with lots of rocky little islands, just off shore. It´s a paradise for boating around to discover new corners and just have a good time. One of the bigger islands is Tjorn and it´s connected to the mainland through a quite impressive bridge. On the South of the island lies Kladesholmen a cute little town that once was famous for the haring processing industry. Today only a few haring processing plants remain, but we have the chance to taste a haring pickled with cinnamon and who knows what else, which is strictly delicious. From there we head towards other cute little towns like Mollosund, which offers material for a thousand postcards from as many angles. And Fjallbacka, equally pretty and surreal, flanked by a cliff that offers spectacular views and delicious sunsets. Endlessly pleasant. 

Sometimes we just drive through an unnamed forest to some incredibly beautiful corner of the sea, that sometimes hosts a tiny fisherman’s hut surrounded by nets and other fishing equipment and sometimes nothing apart from beauty. Water, rocks and some plants and seaweeds. We don’t write down any names or any coordinates, just enjoy and soak up these pure views.

Intoxicated by all this extreme beauty, we drive land inwards till we reach Lake Hornboga, a marvellous nature reserve that it´s some sort of bird paradise, with thousands of the feathered creatures living on the shores, on tiny little islands, floating in the water, flying around. Christian takes this opportunity as a very serious challenge to get some shots of the birds. It takes hours and hours of patience, but it doesn’t matter, because some of them are adorned by the most beautiful sunset, which we contemplate from the shelter of a bird watching cabin. Quite romantic, I think.

Equally romantic, even if a bit more physically demanding is our hike through some paths in Tiveden National Park. Its a great cocktail of gigantic boulders, soft mosses and lichens and nice cool lakes, where the trolls go to drink and to swim.

4 thoughts on “Christian starts cooking outside along the Swedish West Coast

  1. ¡Hola Isabel y Christian!
    Tengo una pregunta.
    ¿Donde está el blog en alemán?
    Christian de Mindelstetten
    un amigo de Christian

    ¡Buen viaje!


    • Hallo Christian, wusste garnicht das du so gut Spanisch sprichst 🙂
      Den blog wird es leider nur in Englisch und Spanish geben. Sollest du aber spezielle Fragen haben werde ich gerne übersetzend weiterhelfen (aber nur vom Englischen da ich ja selber dem Spanischen nicht mächtig bin…)


      • Hallo Isabel, Hallo Christian,
        Audi baut den Q3 in Matorell Spanien, daher hatte ich mal die Gelegenheit ein halbes Jahr die spanische Sprache zu lernen.
        Ich habe eine Kollegin die aus Zaragoza (Esp) stammt. Wir hatten 1 Jahr mexicanische Kollegen bei uns in Ingolstadt und letzten Mai (2017) war ich 2 Wochen in Mexico bei meinen Kollegen im neuen Audi Werk. Ich hatte also ausreichend gelegenheit etwas Spanisch aufzuschnappen. Zitat “So gut Spanisch”
        Kann ich auch wieder nicht 😉

        Viel Spass weiter auf eurer Reise.

        Saludos Christian

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