Pilgrims of thought

We arrive to Santiago de Compostela, pilgrimage destination of hundreds of people that arrive here every day, after walking hundreds of kilometres on their warn out boots, following the steps of Saint James. Somehow for us is easier, since we arrive here on board of the comfort of Polaris, without undergoing the miles of physical … Continue reading Pilgrims of thought

Go West

After our mighty Morocco adventure, we cross the Straight of Gibraltar back to our beloved Tarifa. There, we have a little celebration to say goodbye to Sonny and Yael who are on their way back to The Netherlands. Sonny´s grand guacamole, together with other nibbles and generous amounts of wine make our last Monopoly game … Continue reading Go West

La noche es fría

Hacemos un alto en el camino para Navidad y disfrutamos el descanso con nuestras familias y amigos, celebrando las festividades, compartiendo novedades y comiendo, comiendo, comiendo. Con nuestros estómagos llenos y nuestros espíritus contentos continuamos nuestro viaje. La brújula continua apuntando al sur. Primero nos lleva a la bonita ciudad de Cuenca, en la Mancha. … Continue reading La noche es fría