Recap and Seasons Greetings

This year has been very special for us, full of moments and new experiences that will surely enrich our lives.

In this blog post we look back at our first 8 months on the road.

Our camper van adventure started in May and our first big destination was Sweeden. Gorgeous weather and clear skies gave us the opportunity to experience wonderful and long sunsets next to the sea, while following beautiful stretches of coastline, doted with little romantic towns, cliffs and beaches. Both on mainland and islands. The inner country roads were dotted with an uncountable amount of red wooden houses, planted in bright yellow fields of rapeseed. The red pigments are produced in the Falun mines, where we went down to the heart of the dark seams. Our sweet teeth were pleased by delicious cinnamon rolls. We ate quite a few.

Finland is synonym of going back to the nature. Modern and rustic at the same time. It´s a very special place. Infinite forests and lakes to hike or to paddle during the never-ending days around the summer solstice, above the Arctic Circle. Ideal place for close encounters with the king of the taiga, the gorgeous brown bears.

The most boreal edge of the continent is in Norway, manicured by the waves of the Arctic sea, covered by rocks and tundra and inhabited by magical reindeers. Not too far from there, heading South West, we reached the Lofoten Islands, the country’s majestic fishing jetty. The whole area smelled like cod, sea and wilderness. Rough and cosy at the same time. Chains of mountains and scattered fishermen huts and villages. On the South end of the Arctic Circle, the impressive fjords, with their high walls and multiple waterways and waterfalls.

France is entirely something else. Travelling across its scenery is like leafing through a fully illustrated history book. Full of castles, cathedrals and towns built of stone. The journey is flavoured with nice wine and good food.

The North of Spain is an almost perfect mix of spectacular mountains, dramatic coastline and great cities with appealing architecture and an impressive food culture. Moving to the Mediterranean coast, we get captivated by the light, the mild temperatures and the richness of the flatlands of the Ebro Delta.


We feel fortunate to have shared many of these moments with all of you and want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year 2019

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