Road of friends

The spring weather continues to be extremely moody, so we arrive to the Como lake with a mix of sun and showers and clouds alternating at aleatory and intermittent intervals. The lake and surroundings are quite nice though, so we try to ignore the weather and hike around part of the lake and visit the … Continue reading Road of friends

Time is dust

For now, our last town in the coast of Morocco is Sidi Ifni, an old Spanish colony that poses in immaculate white against the rough blue sea. Art Deco Architecture framed by tall palm trees that gets even prettier adorned by the honey tones of the evening.  The market is small, but rich in variety. … Continue reading Time is dust

Salvaje Norte (Primera Parte)

Durante millones de años los ríos y el hielo han trabajado incesantemente para cincelar caprichosamente la piedra caliza y dar forma dramática a este macizo. No importa desde que ángulo te aproximes, los Picos de Europa ( son verdaderamente impresionantes. Empinados, rocosos, altos, pero también verdes y llenos de vida. Estamos nuestra visita cerca del … Continue reading Salvaje Norte (Primera Parte)